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Boundary Disputes & Boundary Surveys

Land Registry Plans

boundary disputes & boundary surveysWith the largest property database in Europe, The Land Registry guarantees the ownership of over 23 million registered titles representing 80% of the land mass of England and Wales.

The Land Registry guarantees title to registered estates and interests in land. It records the ownership rights of freehold properties, and leasehold properties where the lease has been granted for a term exceeding seven years.

The definition of land can include the buildings situated upon the land, particularly where parts of buildings at different levels (such as flats) are in different ownership.

The Land Registry receives no government funding, being required to ensure that its income covers expenditure, and finances itself from registration and search fees. It provides online access to its database of titles (ownership and charges or interests by other parties) and most plans (maps). People need to pay a fee to access the information.

Land Registry plans are a key feature of any building or land development work as accurate boundary data can determine many decisions for the surveyor, planner, builder and project manager.

Boundary Surveys

Sitech Surveying Services are able to provide accurate boundary surveys in accordance with the specification required by The Land Registry. Plans and digital information are provided at the relevant scale and plot size (normally A4 or A3)

Boundary Disputes

Older title plans can sometimes be inaccurate because of the way The Land Registry recorded boundary lines utilising Ordnance Survey large scale maps. Sitech Surveying Services can offer an accurate, fast and cost effective solution to resolving boundary disputes for land and properties. 

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) provides a clear and helpful guide for any person that may have a boundary dispute. This guide contains useful advice and help line numbers. Please click here to visit the RICS website.

Click here to visit the Ordanance Survey website for further information on boundary disputes.

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